Three Benefits of Salt Chlorination Systems

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Keeping your pool sanitized is a necessary maintenance task for the safety of any pool, but there are different ways to go about sanitizing your pool. Of course, you can use the typical chlorine for sanitization, but it can be a hassle to get the levels just right for comfort, and it can be difficult handling the chlorine in general. One alternative that we like to recommend is a salt chlorination system.

Three Benefits of Salt Chlorination Systems

Instead of harsh chlorine, a salt chlorination system utilizes basic salt and converts it into chlorine to keep your water clean. Here are three benefits of salt chlorination systems to help you decide if one may be right for your pool:

  1. No more irritation: Even when you get the chlorine levels just right for your pool, the harsh chlorine can still irritate your eyes and skin and fade your fabrics over time. With salt chlorination systems, you don’t have to worry about such harsh chemicals. The salt will cause little to no irritation for your eyes and skin and won’t fade your fabrics.
  2. No more handling chlorine: Traditional chlorine for pools requires precise measuring, mixing, and handling of liquids or tablets, and it can all be a hassle to get everything just right. There’s no more hassle or even worrying about the chlorine when you use salt chlorination systems instead.
  3. Perfectly sanitized: You may be thinking that you won’t be able to achieve the same sanitization for your pool when you don’t use more direct forms of chlorine, but that isn’t true. Salt chlorination systems still produce the right amount of chemicals to effectively sanitize your pool just as well as traditional chlorine.

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