Why Are Pool Filters Necessary?

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When you first go out to look at your pool before diving straight in, you likely notice any debris, insects, or otherwise that may have accumulated since the last time you went for a swim. That’s what your pool looks like when the pool pump hasn’t been running and the water hasn’t been properly skimmed and cleaned yet. That’s where pool filters come in. Here is some information to help you understand why they’re such a necessary part of your pool.

Why Are Pool Filters Necessary?

Keep the pool water clean.

No one likes to go for a swim in murky water when they should be jumping into clear, blue instead. A pool filter can help remove the dirt and debris from your water to make it more appealing for swimming. The filter is often connected to the pool pump, so the pump will bring the water in towards the filter, and as it goes through the filter, the water becomes clean, and then the pump will push the newly cleaned water back out into the pool to keep it well circulated.

Keep the pool water safe.

Pool filters can also help to evenly distribute pool chemicals and chlorine to keep pool water safe to swim in. This entails keeping the pH levels at a safe level rather than concentrated in a single spot in the pool and keeping the bacteria in the pool under control.

There are many options available for pool filters for your pool, and each one varies according to the recommended pool specifications, like the pool size, pump size, or otherwise. We can help you determine which type of pool filter is best for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.