More Relaxation, Less Work: The Benefits of Pool Automation

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Week after week, the endless cycle of pool maintenance can take a toll on you. What if you could break free from this chlorinated hamster wheel? With the latest pool automation technology, you can! In this blog, we’ll reveal how today’s pool automation options allow you to experience the pleasures of pool ownership without all the backbreaking work.

More Relaxation, Less Work: The Benefits of Pool Automation

  • Enhanced Chemical Maintenance. One of the biggest benefits of pool automation is precisely measured chemical dosing. Smart sensors continually monitor your water’s pH and sanitizer levels, automatically adding the required chemicals to balance out your pool’s chemistry. As such, you won’t need to spend unnecessary time manually adding and testing your pool’s chemical balance.
  • Pool Maintenance at Your Fingertips. Today’s pool automation technology lets you control every aspect of pool maintenance from your smartphone. You can turn equipment on or off, adjust settings, and even monitor water quality without opening the filter box. You can also receive real-time alerts if anything is amiss and make the necessary adjustments with a tap.
  • Multi-System Maintenance. The most sophisticated pool automation system combines most pool maintenance in one integrated package. Some systems are equipped with automated cleaners and advanced filter systems, which combine to keep your pool sparkling with minimal input from you. From ensuring ideal water balance to skimming debris, this tech makes pool care practically automatic.
  • Create the Ambiance You Want. Mood-enhancing L.E.D. pool and spa lights are the perfect finishing touch for your automated oasis. With pool automation, you may choose from a rainbow of colors or cool color-changing effects to light up your evenings. Additionally, you can schedule customized lighting modes to create serene nighttime atmospheres, all fully adjustable from your smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to pool automation, the poolside experience of your dreams is only a tap away. If you’d like to reclaim your leisure time from the endless cycle of pool maintenance, talk to our experts at All Seasons Pools today.